About Us

Smart Quick technologies, was formed by three young entrepreneurs who saw opportunities in the ICT sector and decided to bring together their individual experiences and vision into a collective with a simple vision of becoming a reputable black owned ICT company.

The mission and vision of SQT is aligned to the underlying vision of NEPAD while creating value for all our stakeholders, investing in the youth, transferring skills and building capacity for the ICT community, which culminates into growth and competitiveness. Our Core values therefore encompass a combination of teamwork, mutual respect, commitment, impeccable ethical standards and honesty.

We provide services in these areas:

  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Digital Security Services
  • Enterprise Application Development & Integration
  • Consulting Services

Our Team

Dickson O.M


Kelvin A.N


Billy N

Project Manager

Why Choose Us

The partners who formed SQT Africa have amassed wealth of knowledge in their capacity as leaders in their own individual companies.

Therefore why SQT one may ask? We saw a need to bring our wealth of knowledge in the industry and particularly our understanding of our Africa Value systems as a catalyst for what we strongly believe could bring about better service and return on investment to us and our stakeholders. In so doing begin to address the challenges which are mitigating the growth of ICT in our communities.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with a quality service at a competitive price and with the highest levels of service.
Our vision is to become key and reliable partners of our clients in providing them with cost-effective ICT solutions.
  • To be seen as an essential part of the risk management process of the client company.
  • To provide a competitive priced security and smart-living solution to client companies, households and public institutions
  • To be the market leaders in smart-living and POS technologies.
  • To have a technology advantage above our competitors.
  • To strive to limit quality services to our customers.